All you need to do to join the practice is book an appointment.

In your initial consultation we will carry out a detailed examination and find out what you hope to achieve from your dental care. We will work with you to design a treatment plan that meets your needs. At this stage you can choose to simply pay as you go or join the practice as a member.

Why become a member?

Late night bookings
State of the art dental techniques
Top of the range equipment
Longer appointment times

Service Private Fee Members fee Member saving
New Patient Special Offer – full examination, x-rays, photos PLUS a complimentary visit with our hygeniest £50 N/A N/A
Dental Health Checkn £44.00 Included n/a
Oral Hygiene Review – with scale and polish to leave your mouth fresh and gums healthy £42.00 Included n/a
Fillings, from £82.00 £65.60 £16.40
Crowns, from £485.00 £388.00 £97.00
Veneers, from £470.00 £376.00 £94.00
Bridges, from £480.00 £384.00 £96.00
Tooth Whitening, from £340.00 £272.00 £68.00
Dentures, from £310.00 £248.00 £62.00
Implants £2300 n/a n/a
Periodontal treatment (treatment of gum disease) Gum disease rarely causes pain but can cause tooth loss if left untreated. At Abbey Dental we place great importance on the treatment of gum disease as it has been shown to have links with heart disease and diabetes. Treatment involves removal of harmful bacteria.
Perio A £56.00 £44.80 £11.20
Perio B £84.00 £67.20 £16.80
Perio C £112.00 £89.60 £22.40
Perio D £166.00 £132.00 £33.20

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