NHS Charter

Our practice has a limited contract to provide NHS dental care and it is  important that we manage our time efficiently.  The funding is set for each year and so we have to manage the amount of NHS care we provide very carefully. The majority of NHS work at the practice is carried out by Kieran McAuliffe and to help manage the demand please note the following:- 

  • We ask that patients attend regularly as advised by their dentist. When patients fail to attend appointments this wastes valuable time that could be devoted to others. In cases where patients have failed to attend for three consecutive appointments we will no longer be able to see them as an NHS patient. 
  • We stress the importance of regular attendance to help spot problems early and help prevent dental disease. If a patient has not attended for more than two years we will assume that they do not wish to remain as a patient and they will no longer be seen as an NHS patient.  
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